Improving Performance

When talking about performance, Pareto’s Principle of 80-20 always springs to mind, which affirms that 80% of sales are done by the top 20% of staff or 80% of complaints are associated with 20% of your staff. It is surprising to see how many statistics this is true with. The key to having a successful business is that it identifies reasons for this disparity and then effectively addressing it.
Several different areas have been identified which can contribute to poor performance;
• Recruitment – Are we recruiting the right people for the business?
• Training – Is the training provided empowering the staff with the skills & knowledge required to fulfil their role effectively?
• Leadership – Are your front line managers giving clear, focused support and direction to their staff to ensure they hit their targets?
• Motivation – Are your staff motivated to do their job right and exceed their targets?
• Ongoing Development – Are your staff frequently developed within their roles and given opportunities to progress?
• Performance Management – Do you have systems and processes in place to deal with underperformers?