Staff Retention

Having the right people work for you is one component of a successful business, however, keeping them is another. Employing staff can be a costly business; from recruitment consultants fees, to training them, then there is the cost of equipment systems, licences, facilities to name but a few. The route cause for a lot of these issues can be dealt with by;
• Employing the right staff
• Robust and thorough training plans from induction to ongoing development
• Positive, effective management across all levels
• Clear direction and targets with manageable and realistic KPI’s
• Using incentives that actually work and drive performance and positively affect morale
• Empowering your staff to give them some power to make improvements (closely managed by the management team)
• Staff surveys to assess morale and identify areas in most need of review and improvement

Ensuring all the above areas are fully addressed will help reduce the attrition rates within your business. There are many ways we can bring forward our skills to assist you in reducing increasing your staff retention and ensure you have a happy workforce.